What has pleased me most in my course of treatment at Rehab Solutions is the staff and the results. I have recommended three friends to Rehab Solution post-surgery. It is a thorough and professional yet friendly organization one could hope to experience.
— Rick H.

I am still amazed that my pain could be managed at all, let alone for it to go away. My outlook on this pregnancy has turned for the better for knowing that I don’t just have to suffer through until delivery! I was the most pleased with their knowledge, their attention to the problem, and their genuine desire to help me. Thank you so much for helping me!
— Rachel H.

I first came to Rehab Solutions two years ago for a herniated disc. My first impression was how caring and knowledgeable the entire staff was and I had a lot of pain management. Unfortunately, I ended up having surgery on the disc in May 2015. My surgeon only recommended that I do 1 or 2 sessions of PT, however the great treatment I received at Rehab Solutions made me want to stay longer in order to avoid reinjuring myself. I cannot say enough about the staff here. They are all so friendly, caring, positive and knowledgeable. The atmosphere here is relaxing and I have enjoyed every session over the last 8 weeks. I know they have always had my best interest in mind and have helped to reach my goal of returning to working out. I have learned so much about my body and proper way to do things that I know will continue to help me in the future. I have and will continue to recommend Rehab Solutions and should I ever need to return to PT again I will, without a doubt, only come to Rehab Solutions. I will never be able to fully articulate to the staff how thankful and grateful and appreciate I am for all of their help and encouragement. I have learned so much from them and being treated as more than just another patient has been a great feeling. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You’re amazing.
— Jami M

It gives you the opportunity to control your healing and shows how to maintain your strength and ability to stretch. Rehab Solutions found exercises to strengthen and protect my back from further injury without surgery and expensive tests. I appreciate the time they took to listen to where and when I hurt. They personalized my plan to fit exercises I have done in the past (ex. yoga, walking and bike riding) and gave me exercises to do if my weaknesses return. They gave me a paper copy of my exercises and a band to do them with, which will make it easier to maintain and continue to improve. I feel like the staff went out of their way to work with my insurance company. I would like to encourage insurance companies to allow direct access to physical therapy. I feel it would be a good way to keep costs low.
— Sandy A.

Go for it! Physical therapy was something I was not looking forward too, but it has kept me from surgery and improved my physical fitness. I feel great and am able to carry on what I have learned here into my regular workout and keep improving my health. Rehab Solutions has changed my lifestyle for the better. I learned new exercises not only for my knee but my whole body. Rehab Solutions is the best.
— Heather A.

Woo Hoo to physical therapy! I went into physical therapy thinking I had torn my rotator cuff. I was in pain and couldn’t move my left arm at all. After two visits, I had full range of motion. I am so glad for their help! Please take time to do the exercises you are given. It worked for me! The staff is awesome and very friendly!
— Sue Haddix

When I came in for therapy I had just delivered my forth child. I was experiencing some difficulty getting back into shape and realized my ab muscles had actually separated. I knew I needed some guidance to figure out how to recover. Heather took the time to figure out exactly what was wrong and went through a well thought out plan to get me back to normal functioning. I enjoyed to friendly atmosphere during the course of my treatment.
— Jennifer W.

I had a pretty serious injury and lived with pain for a long time. After being at Rehab Solutions the pain immediately lessened and now I’m back to living normally and doing the things I love. In doing the exercises they sent me home with it has improved my quality of life and I feel so much better. The atmosphere made me feel comfortable and everyone was great.
— Jessi M.

I came to Rehab Solutions for pain in my neck, headaches, and shoulder. I had taken a lot of Tylenol to the point my liver results were showing signs I needed to stop. I was treated with pain injections in the back of my head. These caused me to have steroid induced cataracts. My next option was doing surgery on my neck to fuse some vertebrae. I am so thankful that I saw a presentation where Dustin explained how he may be able to help. I made an appointment and after the 2nd visit no more headaches, neck pain or shoulder pain. He taught me how to be pain free, I would recommend any one to give them a chance to evaluate your situation. Living with less pain and, in my case, no pain is wonderful. I am currently having them work on lower back pain, with the same results. I couldn’t stand up without shooting pain in my lower back, especially after sitting and operating machinery. Through simple exercises they have shown me how to eliminate that lower back pain as well. I want to thank the kind staff for being able to get me back to doing the things I didn’t think I could.
— David H.

I’m able to be more active with my kids without feeling the pain. I would definitely recommend physical therapy. I have had this pain for a while and it really helped me.
— Bre A.

Physical Therapy has improved my life because it has significantly helped my rib and back pain through my pregnancy. As a result, sleeping has been better because of reduced pain. My pain throughout the day has lessened so I’m grateful as my body is already going through so much. I would highly recommend physical therapy at Rehab Solutions to anyone who has pain and is curious about finding a solution for it.
— Anna Hedrix