REP Performance


REP Performance Level 1

This course is designed to provide a foundation of healthy movement patterns and remove any limitations and major weaknesses of athletes of any age.  We teach Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Regeneration techniques that are critical for long term success.  Each session will emphasize technique and once mastered these movements will be loaded with high intensity workouts that helps athletes get stronger, faster, and jump higher.

*9 week program 2x a week for 60 minute sessions = $320

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REP Performance Level 2

Once the athlete has passed level 1 and have shown they have mastered foundational movements, have a strong and stable core, and have adopted the 4 pillars of success, they are ready to move forward into more advanced training.  This is for the serious athlete who does not need motivation.  It is not easy for athletes to get to Level 2, but when they do, they prove that the sky is the limit for their success.

*9 week program 2x a week for 60 minute sessions = different price for different number of athletes.
$45 for 1 on 1; $35 for 2 on 1; $30 for 3 on 1; $25 4 on 1.


Kylie Gokie is our head strength and conditioning coach at Rehab Solutions. Contact her TODAY!