Nutrition Guidance


Mr. Nutrition

What we put into our bodies plays a huge roll into our success in overall health and well being, but can also impact your recovery from surgeries, impact your pain and inflammation, and improve regeneration after your workouts or training.

Our therapists know that nutrition often is overlooked and we hope to advise you with some simple but effective choices that can make a huge impact in your lifestyle. Whether you are being seen for pelvic and GI related pain or diagnoses, or are looking for sports performance or weight loss, we can help!

We also have high quality supplements that can fill in nutritional gaps to give your body all that it needs to perform at a high level.


Whether you believe in supplementation or not, it is a 37 billion dollar industry every year. People are searching for things to give them an edge and things that help them meet their goals and feel better. We advise our clients to use Advocare products as they have a high quality standard and they are certified banned substance free through Informed Choice Testing, which is a third party tester and makes sure that what is on the label is actually in the package. Informed Choice also tests for quality and purity of product.

Advocare offers products for weight loss, sports performance, energy, health and wellness, and on the go nutrition that puts a healthy choice in your hand. For more information, check out our website by clicking the Advocare logo below or here. If you have questions contact Andrew Nielsen for more information and he will guide you to products that will best suit your needs and your goals.